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Whether it's storage for fresh, frozen, seafood, refrigerated, or canned.

ECS Warehouse located on Fillmore Avenue in Buffalo, New York. We’re a reputable fulfillment warehousing company that offers warehouse storage for frozen, cold and dry products. Our fast paced company not only warehouses products but we also keep a complete inventory of every product that is being warehoused. Customer service is number one to ECS Warehouse. We provide several ways to make ordering easy for all of our customers by providing day and night ordering via Fax, telephone, company e-mail, or over the Internet. After an order is received, our products are loaded by reliable employees and then shipped by whatever specifications you request.

Fastest Delivery

Delivery service by ECS Warehouse is second to none. When trucks back up at ECS docks, products are shipped out with the speediest of service. We’re open 24/7 and ship out products continuously both nationally and internationally. Over fifty percent of the United States and sixty percent of Canada is less than five hundred miles from the ECS Warehouse making it centrally located to a huge customer base. The fact that our warehouse storage company is so close to a huge customer base means that our delivery time is even faster than FedEx Ground to most customers.

ECS Technology

There is no need for companies to warehouse their own products anymore as ECS Warehouse can save companies time and money with our capable warehouse storage facility. Our storage facility has up to date inventory management as well as quality technology in the warehouse to get the job done right. One such technology we utilize is electronic invoicing which makes invoicing faster for our customer's convenience. Electronic tracking also allows customers to know exactly where their orders are at all times from their distribution to their destination.


Security is of the utmost concern at ECS Warehouse. We want to make sure that products remains safe and secure while it housed at the warehouse. Around the clock security is provided for this six acre three million feet cold and dry product storehouse. Cameras cover all activity that goes on inside of the warehouse as well as all outside activity around the perimeter of this warehouse. Rest assured that your products are being taken care of in a professionally protected manner with ECS.

Trusting ECS Warehouse to store your products is not only a smart company decision but a decision that will save you time, money but also one that you will not regret.

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